How do I choose the best ox horn beard comb?

How do I choose the best ox horn beard comb
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Ox horn beard comb is a kind of comb made of ox horn, which is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, so ox horn beard comb has certain health effects. So when buying, from what aspects to start, to pick out the real, good ox horn beard comb?

6 points to teach you to choose the best ox horn beard comb

1. Appearance

When choosing the best ox horn beard comb, you must use your hand to feel whether the surface of the ox horn beard comb is smooth and whether the colour is obvious. The best ox horn beard comb is more tactile, but also heavier – some, and – generally there will be blood colour and grain.

2. Odour

When choosing the horn comb should pay attention to the quality of the horn comb in the production process, will use special treatment, the fishy smell cover, while the poor quality of the horn comb surface will have a fishy smell. The real horn comb will only have the stinky smell of horn when it is heated.

3. Thickness

Selection of horn combs should pay attention to the choice of thick – point of the comb, so that the comb is not easy to break, thick – point of the horn comb more smooth, comfortable, and poor quality horn comb feel, lacks lustre, and easy cracks are also prone to breaking teeth.

4. Shape

When choosing a horn comb, pay attention to choosing a slightly curved comb, that is made by the shape of the horn comb, comb surface, edges and teeth can be seen on the surface of the comb to leave traces of workmanship.

5. Size

The comb made of the tip part of the horn is the best quality, try to choose the comb with a longer size, the long size of the comb will generally use the middle and upper part of the horn to do, 15-20cm medium and large sized combs are made of the middle and upper part of the horn.

6. Ox horn

The ox horn comb is divided into yellow cow horn and black cow horn, The yellow cow horn is yellow translucent, comfortable to the touch, and warm colour, every ox horn will have more or less, black or blood miscellaneous colours. Buffalo horn is usually black, pay attention to the black horn comb reflections soft and bright, with no miscellaneous colours.

Which kind of horn comb is good?

There are mainly yellow horn comb, buffalo horn comb, yak horn comb, rhinoceros horn comb, etc. The following are the characteristics of these horn combs

1. Yellow cow horn comb

Yellow horn comb – general public can use, its nature warm, suitable for hair thinning, hair loss serious situations. At the same time, the yellow horn comb is more durable and cost-effective.

2. Buffalo horn comb

Harder texture, not easy to bend and crack. It is suitable for people with dense hair and good hair quality. Buffalo horn comb has white buffalo horn comb and black buffalo horn comb, of which the black buffalo horn is more common, most of the body is black, and a few have green-black lines. Natural white buffalo horn is rare, white buffalo horn comb body is green-white, and a few also have lines. White buffalo horn can be used as medicine and is cool.

3. Yak horn combs

Yak horn comb has a solid texture and fine grain, which can effectively prevent static electricity.

4. Rhinoceros horn comb

Firm texture and is better at preventing static electricity, but its price is more expensive.

Love Tips

But for healthier hair, try a sandalwood comb.

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Static electricity from comb friction can increase hair loss. Choosing a wooden comb will reduce hair loss, and sandalwood combs reduce friction with the scalp, create a massaging effect on the scalp, protect the scalp, reduce hair loss, and stimulate healthy hair follicle development!

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