Can a receding hairline be restored?

Can I get my receding hairline back
What should I do if I have a receding hairline?

As we age, many people will have a receding hairline, and many middle-aged and elderly men will even have a showy top. For women, a receding hairline also seriously affects their face value. Can a receding hairline be restored?

A receding hairline can usually be restored, but through surgical means, some do not want to use medical methods to adjust the hairline how to do it?

Can a receding hairline be restored?

A receding hairline refers to the outermost ring of hair on the frontal part of the human scalp, and as we age, these hairs in the outermost ring will become thinner, which means that the hairline will move back, and in severe cases, baldness may result.

The factors that cause a receding hairline are classified as congenital and acquired, with the most fundamental cause being the deterioration of the ecological environment of the head, such as blockage of the hair follicles, which leads to the slow receding of the hairline.

It can be restored regardless of the factor that caused it, but it can only be treated surgically, i.e. hair transplantation. Healthy hair follicle tissue is removed from the occipital region of the back, processed, and then transplanted to the hairline area, and the transplanted hair follicles will be able to grow new hair after re-adapting to the new blood circulation. During this period, you have to give up bad habits, not smoking and drinking, avoid staying up late, and keep a routine.

What should I do if I have a receding hairline?

1. Maintain a calm state of mind

When you are stressed out, the human body contracts the erector spinal muscle, the hair is in an upright state, and the scalp tissue muscle contraction is caused by congestion, resulting in poor blood flow. In addition, excessive mental stress will also make the hair follicles transport nutrients to the capillary contraction, resulting in local blood circulation obstacles, that change the scalp’s ecology causing scalp malnutrition, thus causing the hairline to move back. Accept everything calmly and relieve stress at work or in life by traveling or exercising.

2. Pay attention to the scalp clean

Usually pay more attention to the location of the hairline and the scalp of the head thoroughly clean, cosmetics and facial cleansers, etc. Do not wipe to the location of the hairline, if accidentally wipe to be sure to clean up in time, do not leave residues. When you wash your hair, squeeze the shampoo on your hand and rub out the foam before washing your hair.

3. Hair transplant

If the hairline has shifted to an uncontrollable point, then you have to consider a hair transplant, which is also a good image of many celebrities to save their trick, after all, the top of the bare forehead is not very beautiful.

4. Maintain a routine

If you often stay up late, it will cause endocrine disruption, resulting in hair loss. Hair growth has a certain cycle, which is normal physiological metabolism. Having enough sleep is to maintain a normal metabolism of the foundation, maintain normal sleep can promote the normal metabolism of hair and skin, for the hair to provide adequate nutrition.

5. Reduce the number of perms and hair coloring

Try to reduce the number of perms and dyes, because perms and dyes contain chemicals in the potion, which will destroy the internal glutamate and keratin in the hair root, resulting in a receding hairline. Also try to minimize the use of hair dryers, as they can damage hair tissue when the temperature is too high. In addition to this, ponytails should not be tied too tightly, and change your hairstyle often. When you wear hair, you can use your fingers to comb your hair, which can stimulate the acupoints and reflex zones of the head, helping to unclog the blood vessels. You can also tie your hair in a fluffy manner to reduce the stress of hair loss.

What is good to eat for a receding hairline?

1. Vitamin B food

Mainly vitamin B2 and B6, vitamin B2 has a very important role in dominating protein metabolism, and vitamin B6 will also promote protein synthesis and fat metabolism, so eating more food rich in vitamin B is very good for hair.

Recommended food: eggs, milk, beans, nuts, spinach

2. Vitamin E food

Vitamin E has an individual name tocopherol, as the name suggests it has a great relationship with human hormone regulation, and hair growth, including follicle cell differentiation in the transmission of signals, most biological behaviors have received hormonal influences, so it is important to maintain hormonal balance on the stability of the hair growth cycle, Vitamin E can play a role in this regard before a lot of hair loss recipes also have external use of vitamin E to the example of hair growth.

Recommended food: black sesame, corn

3. Protein-rich food

Protein is a necessary component of hair synthesis, in the human body of various physiological activities, follicle-related protein expression priority is very low, which means that if the human body’s intake of protein is insufficient, hair will be the first to suffer. This means that if the human body does not consume enough protein, the hair will be the first to suffer. Especially if you have a long-term habit of losing weight, or if you are more resistant to meat, you need to supplement protein to promote hair growth.

Recommended food: chicken, nuts, black sesame seeds

4. Rich in zinc and iron food

Once 130 cases of hair loss patients the body the level of trace elements, the results showed that the patient’s iron, and zinc levels were significantly lower, these two trace elements and metabolism and endocrine have a closer relationship with the trace elements, will be an obvious role in hair growth and health. In clinical treatment, there are indeed examples of oral zinc treatment for hair loss.

Recommended foods: oysters, salmon, spinach (high iron content)

5. Other foods with special effects

Some foods in addition to conventional nutrition, there are some “possible” special effects, such as the following:

Walnuts: it is said that walnuts can produce hair, in addition to walnuts rich in vitamin E content, W-3 fatty acids also have a very good role in hair health, and are indeed a good food for hair.

Soya milk: soy isoflavones in soy belong to phytoestrogens, and can promote hair growth, sounds right, but the actual effect is certainly not as good as the estrogen in the human body, and can only be said to be better than nothing.

Black sesame: some studies believe that black sesame extract can promote melanin production, and can turn white hair to black, in fact, because of the reason that contains complex amino acids, a lot of food also contains complex amino acids, and can not be proven to promote white hair to black. But black sesame seeds are also really good food for hair.

Saw Palmetto: Saw Palmetto berries are a remedy for male prostate disease, also known as “plant finasteride”, this thing is a form of health care product and may have a little bit of use, but not so magical.

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