What are the benefits of ox horn comb?

benefits of ox horn comb
I’m sure you’ll love the ox horn comb benefits.

Ox horn comb is made of ox horn, ox horn color is round, feels good, not static electricity, the most important thing is to have health care. As the saying goes, “If you comb your hair a thousand times, your head will never turn white”. Just wait for Geeshair to explain the benefits of ox horn comb.

The benefits of ox horn comb

1. Does not produce static electricity

In general, the comb is static electricity, so if long-term use of plastic comb hair, our hair will become more and more frizzy. Compared to other plastic combs, the use of horn combs will not produce static electricity, so you can avoid hair frizz.

2. Easy to clean

We all know that after some time, the comb will produce dirt. But the general plastic comb in cleaning dirt is very difficult to clean, and there are a lot of dead ends that will not be noticed, but the horn comb will not, The horn comb makes it extremely difficult to stain the dirt, even if stained it is also very easy to clean.

3. Anti-itching and anti-dandruff

The use of a horn comb, can accelerate the blood circulation of the scalp, enhance the scalp’s immunity, can effectively stop itching and dandruff, soothe the blood, tranquilize the mind and brain, and so on, it can be said that horn comb than the general anti-dandruff and anti-itching shampoo is also useful.

4. Anti-hair loss, hair growth

With the sandalwood comb benefits, the horn comb can also promote blood circulation in the scalp, accelerate the metabolism of the scalp, and stimulate the scalp’s hair production system, effectively preventing the growth of grey hair due to poor hair nutrition, yellow hair, and hair loss, and also fast growth of hair, is often hair loss, less hair of the crowd’s best choice.

5. Smoothing emotions

Combing your hair about ten times a day with an ox horn comb can play a role in massaging the brain scalp and head nerves, thus promoting blood circulation in the brain, which can relax the brain and relieve fatigue and tension.

The difference between ox horn comb and other combs

  1. Ox horn comb

Using a natural type of horn comb, combing it, you can remove dirt without staining, relieve itching without pain, warm and not hanging hair, accelerate blood circulation of the scalp, clear inflammation and cool the blood, and analgesic and anti-itching, prevent static electricity, no hair loss, tranquilize the brain and other unique health care effects.

  1. Wooden comb

Comb with a wooden comb, can not static electricity, with health effects.

  1. Plastic comb

Plastic comb in addition to combing the function, and no other.

Notes on the use of horn comb

  1. Don’t use the horn comb when you take a bath or wash your hair. The horn comb should never touch hot water or warm water, otherwise, it will be easily deformed and cracked.
  2. The horn is afraid of heat and humidity. After touching the water, you should dry the water in time and put it in a cool place.
  3. The horn comb is easy to bend when it is exposed to moisture. After bending, you can use an iron at home, ironing soft, use heavy objects to flatten, and then let it cool.
  4. The horn comb is easy to scratch with marks, you can usually use hand cream or essential oil rubbing, and drying, so you can maintain its brightness.
  5. Horn comb avoids high temperature, sun exposure, acid, and alkali corrosion; avoid hard folding, wrestling, and hard object collision. Can not be immersed in water for a long time, so as not to deform the horn comb or horny layer, loss of luster.
  6. Prohibit when the saw pulling use, will cause the root broken teeth.

Love Tips

But for healthier hair, try a sandalwood comb.

Geeshair can help!

Static electricity from comb friction can increase hair loss. Choosing a wooden comb will reduce hair loss, and sandalwood combs reduce friction with the scalp, create a massaging effect on the scalp, protect the scalp, reduce hair loss, and stimulate healthy hair follicle development!

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