Are there any precursors to baldness?

any precursors to baldness
What does baldness look like?

Baldness is mostly seen in men, mostly manifested as a greasy and shiny scalp, dry hair, lack of luster, dandruff, itching, etc., and gradual loss from both sides of the forehead and the top of the head. Seborrheic alopecia in women manifests as thinning and dry hair, which gradually and sporadically falls off, exposing the scalp, and seldom forms baldness.

What are the precursors to baldness?

Baldness usually refers to androgenetic baldness, usually before baldness, patients will have the following precursors:

  1. Oily scalp, which is manifested by a greasy scalp or even a foul odor of scalp grease.
  2. The scalp may be itchy.
  3. The scalp may appear scales, scalp grease more people, may appear oily scales; scalp grease less people may appear dry scales, that is, scalp chaffing.
  4. Part of the patient may appear scalp sensitivity and increased performance, such as scalp numbness.
  5. Recurring folliculitis can lead to the formation of scarring in the hair follicle area, the normal structure of the hair follicle is destroyed, and the symptoms of hair loss occur. If this phenomenon occurs on a large area of the scalp, it will cause the symptoms of baldness.
  6. Ringworm of the head. If the scalp is infected with ringworm bacteria suffering from ringworm, it can also cause symptoms of hair loss. If the treatment is not timely, it is possible to cause baldness when the symptoms of hair loss worsen. Therefore, ringworm is also one of the precursors of baldness.

If the above symptoms are not controlled in time, it can further aggravate the damage of hair follicles and make the hairs gradually become thin, soft, and short, resulting in insufficient coverage on the top of the head and exposing the scalp, thus forming baldness.

What are the symptoms of baldness?

1. Increased oil production from the scalp

Most of the hair loss patients will secrete more oil from the head. The more oil is secreted, the easier it is to block the pores, thus causing hair loss.

2. Hairline moving up

If the hairline on the forehead gradually moves up, it means that hair loss has begun. As more and more hair falls out, the hair on both sides of the forehead gets thinner and thinner. A receding hairline on the top of the head may spread in all directions and cause baldness. When an upward shift of the hairline is noticed, it is also important to be wary that it is due to hair loss.

3. Hair loss

Hair loss usually occurs before baldness. Various pathological factors cause hair loss symptoms, in the absence of effective intervention and treatment, further development may cause baldness manifestation. Therefore, hair loss is one of the most predominant symptoms of pre-baldness. Baldness is caused by hair loss, this situation will start from the top of the head hair spinning parts, and once this happens must take timely treatment to avoid aggravation of the symptoms and affect the health.

4. Hair thinning

The health of the hair follicle determines the quality of hair, generally speaking, the hair follicle blood supply is sufficient for hair color and shiny, hard texture. When the blood supply is insufficient due to nutritional deficiency, the diameter of the hair will gradually shorten, showing the situation of thinning. At this time need to pay attention.

5. Hair thinning

The performance of the scalp secretion is thicker oily, shiny scalp, thin and fine, most patients are also accompanied by dry hair, dandruff, no luster, thin and slender.

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